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Here are some Favorite Oregon Roads

Linn County Covered Bridge Tour - This trip is through the back roads of Linn County. Some portions are fun, some are not so much. It is here because it is a good trip that has it's own intrinsic value.

Roller Coaster Hills. Directions from Salem:

  • Take Hwy. 22 E to the Stayton/Sublimity Exit.
  • Turn right at the stop sign onto the Stayton-Scio Road.
  • Go approximately 3.3 miles through Stayton to Cole School Road. (Look for the intersection sign just after you take a sharp curve to the right.)
  • Turn left onto Cole School Road. and hold onto your hats as you go up and down the roller coaster hills.

Hwy 42(?) between I-5 through Winston and on to Coos Bay.

Hwy 138 from Roseburg to Diamond Lake.

Hwy 35 from Hood River to Mt Hood (especially for Huckleberry Pie at Govt Camp)

Hwy 97 from Bend to 197 and on to the Dalles. (don't be afraid to take some side trips)

The road from Beaverton out to Newberg (219)

Willamina to Beaver via Willamina Creek rd, to Bible Creek rd, Gibson Creek rd, and Lower Nesstucca.

Dallas to Philomath via Kings Valley Hwy. (223)

Cheshire to Florence via Hwy 36, passes by Triangle Lake.

Cheshire to Florence via Hwy 36, passes by Triangle Lake. Then north on 101 to Waldport and then Highway 34 to Southfork road/Alpine rd..

Coming down Highway 20 into Sweethome from 126.

One that will make you giggle to yourself. 229, cut off from Highway 20 intersection, to Siletz, to Kernville, just south of Lincoln City..I think there is less than 3 miles of straight road in the entire 28 mile length. There are a couple of sets of 25 mph curves that will have you switching the wheel about as fast as you can..for 4 or 5 iterations, double even triple esses if you will.

Bloggett - Eddyville cutoff from hwy 20. Then pick up 229.

Hwy 34 to Mary's peak. Mary's Peak is a great drive, but getting there is the best part. Bill calls the couple of miles of Hwy 34 before the turnoff to go up to Mary's peak the Devil's Staircase. It's awesome when there is no traffic around.

22 from Grand Ronde to Hebo

Rt.53 cutoff to Nehalem from Rt. 26

Hwy 47 from either end to 202 out to Astoria


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